Circuitus Capital LLC

A London-based alternative asset management company

Circuitus Capital offers investment opportunities in infrastructural assets to guarantee investors attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Established in 2014 by the two construction and concessions groups Fininc SpA and Sacyr SA and managers Carsten Kengeter and Niccolò Ragnini Kothny, Circuitus Capital has the ideal experience in the industrial sector, along with the necessary sector-specific investment capacity.

Specialised in infrastructure equity investments

Solid Governance assures “remote” relations with industrial partners and enables management of the medium and long-term investment process.

High-level professionalism

Circuitus Capital’s team of experts is made up of managers who have worked together in various businesses for over a decade

They offer considerable experience in a wide range of sectors, including proprietary investments, engineering and construction, operations management, regulation and policy, asset management and finance, accounting and environmental law and operations, as well as health and safety.

Public tenders and concession contracts, in particular for re-concessions and privatizations of Greenfield & Brownfield assets, require a combination of financial ability and credentials in the construction and management of infrastructural assets. As a result, participation is frequently subject to conditions: Circuitus Capital is conceived precisely to overcome these problems and take full advantage of this type of market opportunity.

Italy, Europe and Latin America

Circuitus Capital sets itself the goal of proposing risk-adjusted returns, promoting investments in both Greenfield and Brownfield projects in Europe and Latin America, taking advantage of its extensive experience in all strategic markets through the local presence of its industrial partners: 30 offices in 5 continents.

It also offers investments in public tenders thanks to its two industrial partners Sacyr SA and Fininc SpA.

The Circuitus Capital strategy envisages the creation of value throughout the period of investment in its portfolio companies, by adopting industrial “best practices” and implementing asset management strategies using excellent resources. Risk mitigation is also assured through continuous monitoring and management of all regulatory and legal aspects throughout the asset life cycle.

Pedemontana Veneta highway

The Pedemontana Veneta highway, one of the largest works under construction in Italy, required a total investment of over Euro 3.2 billion, 2.30 billion of which financed by the group through a complex financial structure managed by Circuitus Capital.

In the scope of the group structured financing, this innovative operation permitted the placement of a project bond of 1 billion 571 million Euro, underwritten chiefly by foreign funds.