Precious synergy

The concrete story of a family of entrepreneurs, guaranteeing exclusive quality

The FININC GROUP is a holding owned entirely by a single family, today, as yesterday, on a par with the world’s leading companies and with a history stretching back more than half a century. A reality created and guided through the years by its chairman and founder Matterino Dogliani, a great entrepreneur with his vision firmly fixed on the future, toward new milestones.

From technological design to construction, finance, international tourism and wine making: a fine example of enterprise in continual development and growth.

Our experienced engineers are capable of realizing projects ranging from civil engineering to industrial plant, “smart buildings”, automation, instrumentation, telecommunications and audiovisual communications, strategic manufacturing, technical/financial services, aerospace and Cyber security.

A story half a century long, with its sights still fixed on new goals, with no fear of venturing into new areas for development.

From Piedmont to South America by way of London, but with roots firmly planted in the Langhe district, the Dogliani family comes together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the FININC Group.