INC S.p.A.

Building the future

Established in the late ‘Seventies by the Dogliani family, INC S.p.A. is now one of the leading Italian companies in the large infrastructures sector, with an order portfolio in continual expansion and turnover in excess of 150 million Euro, in sync with the other companies of the FININC GROUP.

Following an attentive restructure to equip the company to compete with the largest players in the sector, the SIS Permanent Consortium was established in 2003, with INC S.p.A. holding a 51% share, allowing the Company to develop new, international-level capabilities.

Innovation and quality in all our works

In Italy and overseas

INC operates in Italy and overseas, through organizationally and fiscally independent business units under the technical direction and supervision of the central office, allowing the company to exploit the extraordinary technical know-how accrued over decades of experience, and give all the works it is commissioned to build an indelible mark of reliability, safety and cutting-edge technology.

Infrastructures and major works

The company has constructed and commissioned some of the most important public works contracts in Italy, both in road-building, notably the ANAS

Cesana-Claviere variant and Macro-lot 2 of the Salerno – Reggio Calabria motorway, and in rail infrastructures: the Palermo tram system, already operative, and the Palermo Rail Link, nearing completion.

The company also operates in the motorway concessions sector, having financed and constructed the Pedemontana-Veneto toll highway, a major traffic artery stretching around 100 Km through the rich, luxuriant territories of the Provinces of Vicenza and Treviso. With a contract value of around 2.3 billion Euro, these works give the Company an order portfolio worthy of respect both at home and abroad.

In 2019 INC S.p.A. enters the medical and hospital structures sector, winning the tender to build the Policlinico di Milano, for a contractual value of around 150 million Euro.

Our Customers’ Guarantee

For many years now INC S.p.A. has held all the appropriate Quality, Safety and Environmental certifications not only to guarantee efficient and competitive operations at national and international level, but to ensure full customer satisfaction as well.