Management system

By making the necessary human, instrumental and economic resources available, the FININC group undertakes to pursue and disseminate the objectives of quality, safeguarding the environment and the health and safety of workers (and corresponding programs), as integral part of its business, and a strategic commitment over and above the general company purpose.

Quality, environment and safety management policy

Corruption Prevention Policy 2021


The obvious, primary and fundamental goal of FININC S.p.A., as a private company operating in the holding services sector, is to maintain and if possible increase its average annual turnover and achieve a plausible margin of profit.
In these times of worldwide economic crisis and fierce competition, this goal can only be achieved through careful and shrewd management of the company’s resources and organisation, constant and meticulous control over production costs and scrupulous compliance with all quality and safety aspects of the “product”, as required by the Holding BoD.
Increasing competitiveness means operating in full compliance with all the laws in effect, providing services of the highest quality level capable of meeting all standards, along with planning and control of all requirements of the Holding BoD and the subsidiaries.
To achieve this requires a concrete corporate strategy aimed at assuring excellence in all services provided by FININC, with constant attention on professionally improving its human resources and hence its production capacity, quality and economic competitiveness, while conducting its business in full respect of the territory and the environment… Read more

Corruption prevention

Corruption Prevention Policy 2021

Fully aware of the negative effects of corrupt practices on the economic and social development in the area in which it operates, the FININC GROUP adopts a firm and strictly prohibitive approach to any form of corruption.

Hence the prevention of corrupt practices, in addition to being a legal requirement, is one of the fundamental principles underlying the actions of the FININC GROUP.

As a concrete demonstration of its commitment in this respect, in addition to adopting this policy, the FININC GROUP requires that its subsidiaries (INC S.p.A., SIS Scpa, SIPAL S.p.A) adopt:

  • a Code of Ethics that defines the values and principles to which the FININC GROUP companies aspire, and which they undertake to respect in pursuing their mission;
  • a Corruption Prevention Management System in accordance with UNI ISO 37001;
  • an Organization and Management Model in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/2001;

The FININC GROUP prosecutes any corrupt conduct, demands compliance with the law and undertakes to adopt and enforce the Corruption Prevention Management System with a view to increasing the awareness of all Stakeholders… Read more