Sipal S.p.A.

Roots in the sky

Since its establishment in 1978, Sipal S.p.A. has been providing a range of Integrated Logistics Support Services to leading players in the Aerospace and Defence `sectors. The company has always been holder of all the security clearance necessary for it to operate at the highest levels of secrecy, making it a reliable partner not just for handling classified information, but for the diverse needs of all its customers as well.

The right solutions to technologically complex problems.

Over 40 years of experience

Since the ‘Eighties, being part of the grand Italian FININC GROUP has expanded Sipal’s operations to the Automotive sector, making it a leading supplier to many of the major manufacturers. Over the same period, to meet the security requirements for the technical and industrial data handled by companies operating in the Italian Defence sector, the newly-formed Sipal S.p.A. Security Sector patented a number of products designed to protect confidential information from possible attack.

The Company employees over 450 professionals capable of providing global engineering services in sectors ranging from the automotive and aerospace industries, to defence electronics, cybersecurity and infrastructures.

Continually evolving

With a renewed Design department, during the ‘Nineties Sipal S.p.A. begins designing systems, structures and apparatus independently, for both the automotive and aerospace sectors.
Over the first two decades of the new millennium, Sipal S.p.A. has grown in terms of both turnover and resources, expanding its operations with new offices and increasing its capacity to penetrate the Italian market. The enthusiasm and commitment of the original company remains constant to this day, with over 450 highly skilled professionals capable of providing a global engineering service.

With its history of constant progress and continual evolution, today Sipal S.p.A. is a dynamic company, projected into the future, capable of taking on any new challenge.

Sipal S.p.A. also operates as a General Contractor, through its participation in the SIS Consortium in the field of industrial, civil and infrastructural works.

Sipal S.p.A. engineers are renowned for their problem-solving capacity, finding the most technologically advanced solutions, designing and calculating all components and finally engineering their implementation. At the same time, Logistics Support serves to ensure the reliability, testability, security and maintainability of a technologically complex system, to ensure its continuous operation over time.

Cybersecurity is a relatively new field where the challenge is to protect the intellectual assets of all Italian industries and institutions: SIPAL S.p.A. already has vast experience in this area and developed targeted organisational, technical and procedural solutions to guarantee protection for IT systems and the information they hold, against any potential threat.